Services & Facilities


Library provides photocopy facility and charges the current rate per copy.

Newspaper Reading

Facility for reading newspapers, weeklies, periodicals and magazines is free of charge.


Library provides free Internet facility to its users.

Library Hall

Any individual and institution can use the library hall to organize seminar, interaction program, training and other functions by paying Rs. 2500/- and 1500 /- per day in advance.


The library is open to the general public, researchers, teachers, students, government personnel, foreign nationals working in INGOs, embassies, businessmen, etc.

Computerized Database

The library has put into service the WINISIS software developed by UNESCO for bibliographic information of reading materials (Books and Journals). Books in Nepali language are entered in Devnagari Software developed by Madan Puraskar Library of Nepal. Books and Journals can be accessed with the help of computer.

Children Library

Children can read books, magazines etc and use educational materials free of charge and can have entertainment from audio- visual show.


List of books, journals, brochures and photos of the library and museum are available in website:

Major Division

Technical Division:     Acquisition, Accessioning, Technical Processing.
Information Service Division:
Reference Service, Referral Service External Relation.
Administration and Finance Division.
Journal Division.

Annual Function

Birth Day Anniversary of late Dr. Dilliraman Regmi is observed as Peace Day, besides other activities such as Buddha Jayanti, Gandhi Jayanti and UN Day function.

Last but not the least

Dr. Regmi is one of the multidimensional personalities of Nepal. He is a senior politicians, a great historian and a lover of peace and non- violence. He also known a freedom fighter, a social reformer and a great contributor, in all most all sector of intellectual field. Considering his contribution it is not proper to limit his contribution only in the field of library, Dilli Raman- Kalyani Regmi Memorial Library Development Board decided to change the name of Library Development Board as ‘Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi Foundation’ to widen the dimension of his personality and to highlight his contribution. The board decided to correspond in the name of proposed ‘Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi Foundation’. Through letters and has send a letter with Board decision to change the name to Education Ministry.

Under this Foundation there will be three major departments:

  • Dilli Raman- Kalyani Regmi Memorail Library
  • Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi Memorial Museum
  • Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi Research Center